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About Real Estate Exams

About the OREA Exams

The exams are conducted by Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). A student needs to pass three courses before he/she becomes eligible for registration as a salesperson. These three courses have to be completed within 18 months of initial registration. The student is given 2 chances to write an exam. If the student fails in both attempts, he/she must enrol in that course again.
On the Exam
All exams are multiple choice, closed book and 3 hours duration. All exams carry a total of 100 marks and the student must score 75% marks to pass.
Exam Questions
Most exams contain a mix of different types of questions such as single sentence (1 mark), 2-3 sentences (2 marks) and case study/simulations (3 marks). Course 1 exam does not have any case study questions. The number of questions in Course 1 and Course 2 are 55, while all other exams have 50 questions.

Exam Tips

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1. Relax! Too much anxiety, stress and fear are big distractions. Concentrate on the question and choose the best answer. Use the method of elimination and strike out obvious incorrect choices.
2. All multiple choice exams are merely a Game of Words. If you know the concepts of the course, it’s only a matter of correctly interpreting the question and answer options.
3. Do the easy questions first. Even if you get your answer, read all the options. If Math is your weakness, do the Theory questions first.
4. Skip the questions for which you do not know the answer. You can always come back to these questions and try again.
5. Beware of the absolute words such as ALL, ALWAYS, MUST, SHOULD, NONE, NEVER, etc. In most cases, the options that include these words are rarely correct.
6. Always read the question twice. More than one option may seem to be correct. First, strike out the two options that are obviously incorrect and then, from the remaining two, choose the one that is completely correct.
7. Remember, your first choice is normally the best answer. Be careful when changing it but don’t be afraid if you have to change it.
8. Manage your time and divide it according to the marks for each question. Marks for Case Study questions are typically more than other questions. Do not spend too much time on 1 mark questions.
9. Do practice questions before writing the exams. They not only tell you the areas you are weak in but also help you understand how to interpret the answer options in the actual exam.
10. Memorizing practice questions will not help. Be prepared that the exam will test your ability to apply your knowledge to a given scenario.
Good luck for your exam!

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